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Hey, y’all! I turned 23 years old this past April, & while this might not seem like a big deal to some people.. It somewhat bothered me that there are so many things I haven’t done yet! I decided to make a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. I thought it’d be fun to share them with you & tell you a little bit about them! Here we go –

1. Fall asleep & wake up another country –


Now, this might sound kind of creepy lol. What I mean is, I want to fall asleep on a plane, while flying over the states, & then wake up while landing in another country. I think it’d be an amazing feeling.

2. Learn Italian –


I know, I know. I should be more interested in learning how to speak Greek, being that I’m Greek, but honestly…. There is just something about the Italian language that gives me butterflies. It’s such a beautiful language, & has to do with my next item.

3. Go to Italy –


One of my top ambitions in life is to go to Italy. Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Sicily, you name it. I want to go there. I dream of Italy. It might be borderline unhealthy, but I’m pretty much obsessed with Italy. I look at pictures of it all the time, & talk about it all the time. I mean, the food, the language, the gorgeous people, the architecture, the art, the history. Geez.

4. Go to Greece –


I’m sure you saw this one coming, being that my family moved to the states from Greece, & I’ve never been. I’m also in love with Greece for the same reasons I’m in love with Italy. Also, I still have some family living in Crete. I would love to go there to meet them, get to know them, & have them show me around. I would love to be able to learn more about my heritage from my actual family members. What could be more wonderful than that?

5. Go snorkeling –


Ben & I are going to Mexico with some friends in October, & this is on our list of things to do. I just can’t imagine how amazing it’ll be to be able to see all of the underwater life up close & personal. Magical!

6. Swim with dolphins –


Okay. I’ve been a sucker for dolphins since I was a kid & saw the movie Flipper. They’re so beautiful! This is also on our list of things to do in Mexico, & I can’t wait!

7. Go on a hot air balloon ride –


This one is going to be somewhat of a challenge for me. I’m pretty scared of heights, but to able to go up in a beautiful balloon & see beautiful scenery from up high… Let’s be serious. I have to do it!

8. Plant a tree –


I know this might seem pretty random to most of you, but I just feel like it’d be awesome. Not only would I feel like I’m doing my small part in helping our environment, but I also think it’d be really cool to watch it grow as time goes on. This one will most likely wait until Ben & I buy our next house. We’ll be staying there for the rest of our lives, God willing, so we’ll be able to watch it grow over time!

9. Attend more performance (ballets, plays, concerts, etc.) –


I absolutely LOVE these. They give me butterflies, goosebumps, & usually cause my eyes to tear up. There just something so beautiful about watching a person perform & be passionate about something. I’ve been to a few, but I really want to go to more of them!

10. Take an unplanned trip with Ben –


Ben, as some of you may know, is my husband. He’s gone a lot for his work. I always dream of him coming home from work, telling me to pack a bag, & us running off somewhere for the weekend or something. I think it’d be so fun!

11. Graduate from college –

Close up of a graduation cap and a certificate with a ribbon

I’ve been in college for quite a while now. Especially with having to take a few semesters off for personal reasons. I don’t care how much hard work I have to do, I will walk across that stage & receive my diploma. & I’m obviously hoping to do so before I’m 30 lol

12. Ride a motorcycle –


I know this might seem random, but Ben has had a motorcycle since we first started dating, & I’ve never had the nerve to ride it with him! It makes me so nervous, but I’ve heard it’s an amazing time!

13. Go on a real camping trip –


I’m one of those girls that says, “let’s go camping!”, but what I really mean is – “I want to rent a cabin for the weekend.”…. I would like to go camping in a tent one day. I think it’d be really fun to get a group of friends together & try to “rough it” lol

14. Climb something –


I just want to climb something. It doesn’t need to be Mt. Everest or anything. I just want to go on a nice hike. I think it’d be an amazing accomplishment to spend half of the day climbing/hiking up to a higher point to see a spectacular view.

15. Celebrate something somewhere else –


Whether it be a holiday, a birthday, or an anniversary, I think it’d be really fun to spend it somewhere other than home. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be out of the country. It could just be another state, or even another city!

16. Re-learn how to play the piano –


When I was little my parents paid for me to take piano lessons. I played for a couple of years, & then like most other young people I decided I wanted to do something else. I regret that now that I’m older. I can’t remember how to play at all, because it was so long ago. I’d really love to re-learn how to play.

17. Go to a drive-in movie –


I’m somewhat of a hopeless romantic. I would love to go to a drive-in movie with Ben. The closest drive-in movie is still quite a few hours away, but we might be able to figure out a way to make it work!

18. Take a self-defense class –


I think it’s very important for a woman to be able to defend herself. Especially in the world we live in today. It’s so dangerous out there! Not only would I like to be able to better defend myself, but I’m sure those classes would be a wonderful workout!

19. Have a garden with plants that actually grow –


I’m finally at the age where I think I have the patience to do something like that. Since writing this list, I’ve started on it. We’ve completely re-done our flower beds, & I have a few plants growing in the backyard as well. We have tomatoes, strawberries, basil, & sunflowers in the backyard. I tend to them almost every day, & everything is doing great so far! So I guess that’s one I can check off the list!

20. Be a Vegetarian for a month –


I know, I know, this might seem silly to some of you, but it’s not to me. I really wish I could be a Vegetarian for a few reasons, which I won’t get into right now because this isn’t that kind of post lol, but I just don’t think it’s possible for me. I do, however, want to try it for at least one month. I think it’d be a good experience for me.

21. Learn some basic sewing skills –


Is it just me, or does no one know how to sew anymore? I know that I, personally, have to bring garments that need sewing to my mom. I’ve just never learned how to do it! I’d love to be able to learn so that I can sew things for my husband, or possible future children.

22. Take some cooking classes –

preparing food

I LOVE to cook. It’s one of my passions. I don’t, however, have that much experience with it. Don’t get me wrong, I have quite a few dishes that are great, but I want to learn how to make different types of food from different cultures. If I ever get to go to Greece or Italy, I fully intend on taking at least one cooking class while in both countries!

23. Adopt an animal from a rescue/shelter –


This one is so important to me. I am pretty involved with a local rescue. I’ve been a foster mom for a couple of their dogs, but I haven’t been able to actually adopt any of them. Ben & I made a deal that we will rescue the next animal we decide to get, whether it be a dog or a cat.

24. Go tiki tubing (again) –


I took a trip with a group of friends several years ago, & it was a blast! I can’t wait to get another group together & go again.

25. Go wine tasting at a winery –


There are wine tastings in town all the time, but I want to go to an actual winery for one. Especially if that winery is in Italy lol 😉

26. Participate in a run/walk for a good cause –


There are all sorts of runs/walks for charity these days, which is awesome. I’ve signed up for 4 of them, & woke up sick EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So I was never able to actually attend the walk. I wasn’t too worried, since I’d already paid for them so I knew the charity got the money anyway, but it’d still be nice to actually be able to participate!

27. Go to Disney World (again) –


My parents brought me to Disney World when I was 15, & it was one of the best experiences of my life. If any of you have been to Disney World, then you know what I mean. There’s just something magical about that place! I want to go with a group of friends this time. & being that I’m a die-hard Disney princess fan, I can’t wait to go again & be able to act like the little kid that we all are at heart!

28. Research family history –


It’s very important to me to know more about my family. Being a history major, history fascinates me. Especially history involved my heritage! (the picture is of my family in Greece. My grandfather is the little boy on the donkey.)

29. Enjoy the sunrise & sunset with Ben (in the same day) –


I am SO not a morning person, so the sunset is a much easier one for me, but I would really like to be able to watch the sunrise with Ben, spend the day together, & then watch the sunset together! Maybe while we’re in Mexico?

30. Have/adopt a baby –


This one is last for a reason. At this particular moment in time, Ben & I have absolutely no idea when we want to start having kids. We’re also not sure if we want to have our own kids, if we want to adopt, or if we want to find a way to do both. There are just so many questions still unanswered about this topic, but we both agree that we want to start our family before I turn 30. So hopefully we’ll be more decisive when the time comes! lol

Well, that’s it! I hope you all enjoyed this post! Do you have a list of things that you want to complete by a certain time? If so, share it with me! I’d love to hear about it. Also, have any of you done any of these things? If so, any thoughts, advice, or comments about any of it?

I’ll talk to y’all later!