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This is going to be another Lush haul & review! I have fallen in love with Lush since my first purchase from them. If you’re interested in what my first purchase consisted of, & what I thought of everything, I’ve already written a blog about it so you can go check that out. As y’all know, we don’t have a Lush store where I live. There’s one in New Orleans, which is about 3 or 4 hours away, & one in Baton Rouge, which is 2 hours away. So I just order online.



For this purchase, I did exactly what I did for my first purchase. I read the reviews on the website, the description of the products, & chose them according to what they said. I purchased All That Jas, Rose Jam, Fluffy Egg, & another Butterball.

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The first one that I used was the Fluffy Egg. It’s one of their special Easter bath bombs. First off, it smells wonderful. It’s a very sweet smell. I would say that it smells like a really strong candy. In fact, it made my bathroom smell wonderful for the rest of the day. Also, it turned your water a gorgeous hot pink. Who doesn’t want to bathe in hot pink water? Nobody. It’s so fun! I was a little concerned at first, because I was worried that it might stain the tub. It didn’t stain at all! I wouldn’t say that it didn’t anything particularly fascinating to my skin, but I didn’t stay in the tub all that long. I had some errands to run so I only stayed in for about 10 minutes. I would repurchase this one just for the smell & pretty water. Next is the Butterball –


I’m not going to say too much about this one, because I already wrote about it in the last post I did about Lush. I will say that this is going to become a ritual for me. I’m going to purchase one every time I make a Lush purchase, because they’re just perfect. It smells so wonderful & makes my skin feel wonderful! Next I tried the All That Jasmine –


I wish I would’ve gotten a better picture of it before I used it, because it had a sweet little flower on the top of it & it was so pretty! It, of course, smelled great. I’m starting to wonder if anything at Lush smells bad lol. It smelled great & turned my water a gorgeous green color. I will say that it wasn’t my favorite smell, but that’s just my personal preference. It made me skin feel really nice. It didn’t leave any residue whatsoever in the bathtub, which is always nice. The smell, however, didn’t linger for hours in the bathroom like some of the other products I’ve used from Lush. It pretty much went away when I drained the tub. I still enjoyed it. If you enjoy jasmine, then I 100% suggest you give this a try! & last, but not least, is the Rose Jam Bubbleroon.


I think this one is adorable. It’s shaped like a macaroon, & it smells fantastic. I didn’t get as many bubbles out of this one as my last bubblebar, but I still got plenty. It makes the water smell great, but I didn’t notice it lingering on my skin once I got out of the tub. Also, parts of it just refused to dissolve. I’m not sure if I did a poor job of crumbling it up under the faucet, or if it just does that, but it wasn’t too bothersome. I wouldn’t say I noticed it made my skin particularly soft or anything. I think this is one of those bubblebars that you purchase just for the smell, some bubbles, & pretty baby-pink water. I probably wouldn’t purchase this one again just for the simple fact that I’ve liked other products I’ve purchased from Lush better than I liked this one.

I hope you enjoyed this post & I hope you give some of these a try! I also hope this post was helpful enough to help you decide on some products you want to try out. I probably don’t have to say this, but I will – I paid with all of this with my own money. Lush Cosmetics in no way influenced this post. Thank you all for reading!