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Hey, y’all! This review is going to be on The Crossfire series by Sylvia Day.


There are three books in this series so far. They are Bared to You, Reflected in You, & Entwined with You. In case you didn’t already know, this series is 100% for a mature audience. I brought Bared to You with me to the nail salon, when I first started reading it, so that I could read it while I got a pedicure. I found out after the first chapter that it might not have been the best decision lol. I was blushing, & I adjusted the book so that no one could see what I was reading. It’s certainly intense, & pretty darn graphic. Normally, I hate to compare books when they have different authors, but I’m going to compare these to the Fifty Shades series for a second. I will say that one of the things I liked about this series is that the “love-making” scenes aren’t all that repetitive. One of the problems that I had with the Fifty Shades series is that I got so bored with those scenes after a while, to the point to where I would just start skipping pages until they were over. This series was different. Also, the Fifty Shades series had a certain level of drama in it, & while the Crossfire series does too, the drama is completely different. The Crossfire series has personal, psychological drama, while the Fifty Shades series has more movie-type drama and psychology drama. I feel like the Crossfire series is much more realistic. I could see it actually happening. The Fifty Shades series, not so much lol It’s a little far-fetched. Just to throw this out there – I did enjoy the Fifty Shades series. Anyway, back to the review. Here’s a short overview –

The main character is Eva Tramell. She recently graduated from college, & has just moved to New York to start her dream job. She brings her best friend, Cary, along for the ride. He’s sexy, sweet, & bisexual. Eva’s stepfather is an extremely wealthy man, & it’s because of him that Eva & Cary live in a fabulous apartment in Manhattan. As a child, Eva suffered a terrible trauma, & as a result her mother is extremely overprotective. The day before her first day of work, Eva decides to see how long it will take to get to work from her new apartment. While she’s there, fate steps in & she meets a man that immediately sets her alarm bells off. His name is Gideon Cross. Eva later learns that Gideon is the extremely wealthy man who owns Crossfire Industries. Gideon seems to be bewitches by Eva, & begins pursuing her relentlessly. Eva is scared to start something with Gideon, because she can sense that he won’t be good for her. Eventually, Eva decides that she wants Gideon in her life. Their relationship sends Eva on a journey that is sometimes physically & emotionally exhausting. As their relationship progresses, she finds that Gideon has experienced trauma of his own, & together they have to work to push past their problems so that they can stay together.

I have to say that I LOVE Sylvia Day’s writing style. I love the way that she gets you to really care about her characters. I have to say also, that I love Eva. She’s smart, funny, & isn’t afraid to be herself. Also, it’s so nice to read about a woman who isn’t afraid to admit that she likes sex. She likes sex just as much as Gideon, & together they have some pretty intense encounters. The only negative thing I can say about this series is that sometimes Eva drove me crazy. She does things that made me want to yell, “WHY?!”. There are things that Gideon says to her, & does to her, that made me want to punch him in the throat, & slap her for letting him get away with it. I, personally, would never allow a man to speak to me the way he sometimes speaks to Eva. I had to realize, however, that this series is about two emotionally damaged people. While I may think that some of their behavior is insane, I’m not a product of abuse so I can’t really judge their relationship. I feel like the fact that I get so upset & emotional over some of the situations just shows how excellent Sylvia Day is at pulling you into her story. Also, Eva expresses repeatedly how hot Gideon is. After a while I was just like, “Okay. He’s hot. I get it.”… That’s just small things that bothered me. All in all, I really did enjoy this series, & I do recommend it to anyone who enjoys books like these. Just to warn you, the last book leaves you somewhat hanging, & it’s because Sylvia Day will be writing more for the series. I’m not sure when they’ll be coming out, but she’s made it clear that they will be. So, again, I loved this series & I recommend it! What did you think of this series? If you haven’t read it yet, you should check it out & let me know what you think!