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Today Mishka is 2 years old, & Gabbi is 6 years old! It’s a complete coincidence that they have the same birthday. As I mentioned in my About Me section, I’ve had Gabbi (our chihuahua) for a very long time. She was only a few weeks old when she came home with me. Ben & I got Mishka (our husky) as a gift to ourselves for our anniversary. She was a few weeks old when we brought her home also. I thought I’d share some pictures of them from today in a quick post. The weather here is just beautiful today, so I got to take some random shots of them. Mishka is much easier to get pictures of. Gabbi is such a diva she doesn’t really like to pay attention to anything she doesn’t want to, so getting her to look at the camera doesn’t really work. I think these came out okay though =)


I know I’m biased, but aren’t they just beautiful?! These girls have hilarious personalities. They make us laugh constantly. Especially Mishka. She is beyond goofy, & awfully…. spirited lol. Gabbi is funny too, but for completely different reasons. Gabbi is the queen bee, for sure. She won’t even go outside if it’s raining. She prefers to just hold it, rather than get her feet wet, no matter how much we persuade her to go outside. They’re my children, & I just love them to pieces. I hope you enjoyed this really quick post about the girls! Do any of y’all have huskies or chihuahuas? If so, what are they like? Or, what are the animals that you have?